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Our Women on Target program chairperson,  Sharon Gregg, was honored by Henry Firearms in 2016 at the NRA Foundation Banquet held at The Great American Outdoor Show.  Sharon has also been awarded several NRA Grants.  The NRA Grants consisted of materials and equipment to assist with Women On Target firearm training.

Sharon is certified NRA Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, In Home Firearm Safety, and Chief Range Safety Officer.  She has been conducting Women On Target Pistol and Rifle Clinics at Mechanicsburg Sportsmen for over 6 years and has been certified for over 10 years. 


The Women On Target Program is a 6 hour NRA First Step Pistol Course.  This course is designed for those who are new to firearms or have minimal knowledge or experience with firearms. The class teaches safe firearm handling, 3 types of pistol actions, sight alignment, proper holding of the firearm, range safety, and basic gun cleaning.  There is about 1 hour of range shooting time.  There are several NRA Certified Instructors in the class for more personal training.  Each woman will have 1 Instructor assigned to them at the Shooting Range. 




Course Cost $60.00 You must call the Clinic Chairperson for a spot.   Once the spots are full you may be placed on a waiting list.  Your spot will held if your $60.00 Non Refundable Deposit is received with 5 business days.  If the Non Refundable Deposit is not received by the 5th business day your spot will be given to the next person on waiting list.  The Clinics are open to Club Members and the general public.  There are limited Clinics and space with a high demand. Spots will NOT be held without deposit.




Eye, Hearing Protection, and light refreshments will be supplied. NRA Granted 22 LR Firearms and ammunition are supplied, however you can bring your own firearm (pistols with min. 2 inch barrel) with 50 rounds of your own ammo.




Clinic Dates for 2020:   (course cost $60.00)  - None Scheduled at this time.

All Registration/Questions are done via phone.  


None Scheduled at this time.   

This program was founded by the late Linda Tucker MSA NRA Trainer/MSA Director.


**If you are looking for instruction for groups of 3 or more people  - please contact Sharon Gregg for private lesson options.  


If you have any questions on the Women On Target Program or to register, please contact the Clinic Chairperson Sharon Gregg @ 717-691-7930. No email registrations will be accepted.

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