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Indoor Centerfire Range


** Must be a current paid member prior to scheduling qualification time.**

Call Kevin Wise  to schedule qualification  717-706-1109  or Ken Bowen   717-602-5739

**Qualifications can be scheduled on Sundays following a membership meeting.

Other times available if needed

Range Rules

1.  A one-time range safety briefing and compentency test is mandatoryfor each user (a complete set of rules given at the briefing)

2.  No crossfire shooting is permitted;  you must only shoot the target directly in front of you.

3.  An annual access fee of $20 must be paid. ($25 for the first year during qualification)

4.  Shooters must be 21 or older

5.  For use only by members who have attended the safety briefing.

6.  Maximum caliber: .45; maximum power level: .44 magnum

7.  No rifle caliber handguns

8.  No black powder handguns

9.  Sign in and out when using the range

10. Range rules are posted at indoor range

11.  Paper targets only


Additional Information

Indoor Archery Range

1.  Follow all Posted Range Rules

2.  Sign-in on the provided logs upon entering building.  Sign-out when leaving.

3.  Paper targets only.

4.  Crossbows are permitted. 

5.  No broadheads at all permitted in or on the range.  

6. 20 yard indoor range (Requires payment of annual access fee of $15).  No broadhead shooting indoors


Additional Information


Shooting broad heads anywhere but the designated sandpit you will be subject to membership suspension and possible termination.


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