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Guest Passes

The Board amended the guest policy.  Guests will now be permitted to join a current active member once they have purchased a guest pass.  Current members must show a valid, current club id card. 

A guest may use the facilities with the active member and must remain with the active member at all times while on the club grounds.  

**Please note the following restrictions:

- Guests are Not permitted to use the Indoor Center Fire Range.  
- Fishing is limited to Guests age 12 and under.

How & Where to obtain a guest pass:

Cost breakdown:  1-Day Pass $20 

                                2-Day Pass $35 (days must be consecutive)

                                3-Day Pass $45 (days must be consecutive)


All Guest pass prices are for a single adult to turn it into a family rate, add $10 for the second adult and youth are included.  

*Fees paid for guest passes can be applied to the purchase of a regular or family membership if the guest decides to join the association.  

Passes are available for purchase

  - On Thursday Evenings at the club 5pm - 7pm during Trap Events**

  - By contacting the following Officers/Directors (must give 24 hour notice)

                     - Jim Weigher   717-350-9239

                     - Dennis Fillmore 717-315-9971 

                     - Dan Moyer 717-732-2838
                           - Message us on Facebook if you need more details or help! 

**Please check club calendar to verify that a Trap Event is scheduled.

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