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Hunter Trapper Education Classes sponsored by the Pa Game Commission.

Hunter Safety

Successful completion of a Hunter-Trapper Education program is mandatory in Pennsylvania before purchasing a hunting or trapping license. Many other states also require proof of successful completion of a hunter safety course before purchasing a license and some states require that hunters carry such proof while hunting. We have instructors who are certified to teach the Pennsylvania Hunter-Trapper Education Program and offer several classes each year.


All students of the hunter safety program must be at least 11 years of age at the time of the class. Many adults also take the class, either with a younger student, or because they need to complete the class to hunt in another state. The class is also an excellent opportunity to introduce young people to principles of firearms and outdoor safety; even if they are not sure they want to hunt. We also teach principles of ethical hunting and sportsmanship that are some of the cornerstones on which our club was founded. Our local Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officers teach the game law portion of the class and are also available to answer questions. Hunting is popular with both men and women and our classes’ average about 1/3rd women.


Since 2013, the class can be completed with just one day of classroom instruction followed immediately by the test. We provide the orange card (proof of successful completion of the class) to all who pass the test at the end of the class. With the reduction of the class to one day, there is a pre-class reading and study portion that should be completed by the student on-line through the Pennsylvania Game Commission website. Information on that pre-study portion is available at the time of registration. Registration for classes is also handled on-line through the Game Commission website. We provide links to the registration web page for our classes here on our web site, once those classes are posted by the Game Commission.


Click here for the on-line pre-class reading and study portion of Today’s Hunter and Trapper:

PDF version:

There is no charge to attend the class, and we provide a free lunch. Students must pre-register for the class.

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