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High Power Rifle Matches

MSA is affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), USA Shooting, and the Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association.    Each summer, NRA Conventional High Power Rifle matches are scheduled on our 100-yard range.  See the Event Calendar for Dates.    Sign up ahead of time by contacting the match director, Mark Burkhead  717-258-3111 .  Walk-on's will be accepted as space permits.


North Harrisburg American Legion Post 1001 co-sponsors our high power rifle events.  A number of range records have been set and may be seen from the match results page, which also lists the match results for individual matches.


Conventional High Power Rifle shooting was originally based on courses of fire for military instruction.  Today's courses still include both slow and rapid fire stages and involve shooting from various positions at fixed targets at several standard distances.  MSA uses the 50-shot National Match Course with reduced targets at a single distance, 100 yards.  Four strings of fire are utilized:  Slow fire, standing-10 shots in ten minutes at the NRA SR-1 target, which simulates 200 yards.  Rapid fire, sitting-10 shots in sixty seconds at the SR-1 target.  Rapid fire, prone-10 shots in seventy seconds-SR-21 target (300 yard simulation).  Slow fire, prone-20 shots in 20 minutes at the MR-31 target (600 yard simulation).  Rifles most commonly used are the M1 Garand, the M1A (M14), and the AR-15.  Participation in a match meets one of the requirements for purchase of an M1 Garand from the CMP.


High Power Sporting Rifle is relatively new on the scene and is becoming increasingly popular.  It involves the use of any center fire hunting-type rifle weighing nine and a half pounds or less.  Telescopic sights may be used.  The SR-1 target is used for all strings at the 100-yard distance.  The 32-shot course is fired in four strings:  Slow fire, prone-8 shots in eight minutes.  Slow fire, standing-8 shots in 8 minutes.  Rapid fire, kneeling or sitting-8 shots in sixty seconds.  Rapid fire, prone-8 shots in sixty seconds.  Rapid fire strings are broken into two 4-round 30-second segments with an off-the-clock time to reload, since the magazines of many hunting rifles will not hold a full 8 cartridges.


For additional information, feel free to contact match director, Mark Burkhead  717-258-3111 .

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