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Youth Archery

Mechanicsburg Sportsmen's Assocation has hosted a Youth Archery Program since 1992.  The program was started by Mike D. Rider.  The program is designed to allow youth to explore the aspects of indoor archery.  As a youth, I myself participated in the program and it launched me into my passion for the sport.  After college, I helped out with the program for a few years and I officially took over as the Youth Archery Director in 2006. The program has evolved through the years.  The program has students that participate in local shooting events, as well as PSAA State Championships throughout the year. 


Program Information: 

Next Sessions will be in the Winter of 2022/2023 - Program registration will open on or around October 1, 2022.  Check back for more information then.


 2022/2023 Youth Archery Program Details

There will be two classes offered this year, a beginner and experienced class.  

Classes will run on Wednesday Evenings 6:00 – 7:15 pm.  Each class will run on different dates as listed within each class description.   


Cost is $50 per student (flat fee for program)**
Make Checks Payable to Mechanicsburg Sportsmen’s Association

** Classes may not be made up due to inclement weather and no refunds for inclement weather.  


Experienced Class – This class is for students that can shoot from 20 yards and consistently hit the target butt.  This group will have the opportunity to join the youth archery team and participate in local shooting events.  

DATES:  Nov. 30, Dec. 7, 14, & 21, 2022

** Youth that choose to participate on the team will have practice time available on Tuesdays beginning January 8th.     

Beginner Class – This class is for students that have want to try archery out, have limited experience,  or want gain more experience, but cannot hit the target consistently at beyond 10 yards.  The group shoots from 10 yards and focuses on the basic form of archery.   

DATES: Jan. 11, 18, 25 & Feb. 1, 2023





For more information about Youth Archery  email 

 Julia Mentzer-Yarlett, Youth Archery Director.

Does my child need to have a bow? No, we have bows for the children to use.

Do we need to be members?  No,  this is open youth with an interest in archery.

Do you do private lessons? At this time, no.  If it changes we will update.

Do you do special group lessons?  At this time, no.  If it changes we will update.

How old do I need to be? At least in Kindergarten and able to follow directions and safety protocols.  It is more about strength and the ability to pull the bow back for each child.  This is necessary to be able to participate.

When can I register?  On or around Oct. 1 the registration link will be opened.  

How do I pay?  Bring a check or cash to the first night of the class.

Can I email now to be notified when the registration opens? We do not keep a list of interested people and ask that you check back in late September, early October to register.  

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